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" The Memory book of victims of the Georgian agression (1989 - 1992 гг.)" Author – Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia, The Chairman of the Demographic Fund "Фидæн" B. Chochiev

South-Ossetian part of JCC draws attention to the activities of the Georgian JPKF battalion

South-Ossetian part of JCC draws attention to the activities of the Georgian JPKF battalionThe South-Ossetian part of JCC appealed to the JPKF Commander Marat Kulahmetov in connection with the fact that on May 25, 2008 the Georgian side again, in violation of earlier established rules, held a rotation of the Georgian JPKF battalion.

Copies of the letter were addressed to all JCC Co-Chairs including the Georgian one and Head of OSCE Mission to Georgia Terhi Hakala. According to the JCC Co-Chair from the South-Ossetian part Boris Chochiev who signed the appeal, it was violated the JCC Protocol #38 from 30.09 – 1.10.2004 which runs: “A plan of carrying out a rotation must be presented for confirmation to the JPKF Commander a month earlier before the stated time”. The Georgian side did not inform the JCC Co-Chairs from other sides about the planned rotation and the Commander was informed not a month but 5-6 days earlier.

Beside this, according to the opinion of the South-Ossetian part the Georgian side also violated the quota of the number of servicemen on checkpoints which twice exceeds the quota established by the JCC decision.

The South-Ossetian part of JCC proposed to the JPKF Joint Military Commandment to take appropriate measures for removing such facts and implementing the activities in frames of the earlier signed JCC decisions and JPKF mandate.

of the South-Ossetian part of JCC

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